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Case studiesInternational Women’s Club of Kyiv Annual Charity Fair 

International Women’s Club of Kyiv Annual Charity Fair

In 2007, for the second year in a row Romyr & Associates Ukraine was the PR partner of the Annual Charity Fair organized by the International Women’s Club of Kyiv (IWCK), held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.  The Charity Fair is the Club’s main fundraising event held every year in December with the goal of donating funds it raises to a variety of charitable projects. Typically, about 30 embassies and consulates organize stands where visitors have a chance to taste foods of various national cuisines and purchase national souvenirs and other items. This fair provides a unique opportunity for members of the international community in Kyiv to get together and do some Christmas shopping.  It attracts tens of thousands of visitors, and every year raises an increasing amount of money in support of socially unprotected population groups.
In keeping with the character of this event and its benevolent goal, Romyr & Associates team members accented entertainment and sociopolitical publications in its media campaign. An event on this scale provides television people with an opportunity to take wonderful, interesting “shots.” With this objective in mind, particular attention was devoted to inviting film crews from various television channels. Calls to the media in 2006 by the Romyr team generated interest among journalists, and the follow-up in 2007 expanded the Romyr & Associates database with new media contacts.
As a result of the announcements  placed in a number of English- and Ukrainian-language print and electronic media, it was possible to attract a wide and varied audience to the Fair, one that included diplomats and their families and the heads of foreign and Ukrainian companies, in addition to members of the public for whom the Charity Fair has become a unique opportunity to become acquainted with more than 30 different national cultures.
Advance notice to the media about the event and previous, well-established contacts with journalists resulted in a high media turnout. More than 25 media representatives attended the Fair for the second year in a row. Television journalists had the opportunity to speak with officials from more than 30 diplomatic missions and to film exciting video reports, while journalists from sociopolitical publications held interviews with the staff of charitable organizations that receive assistance grants from the IWCK. Romyr team members Tetyana Potapova and Anastasia Gudz, provided on site management at the Fair, registering accredited journalists, providing them with an orientation session, answering questions about interviewing guests , as well as ensuring translation for non-English-speaking journalists.
The team from Romyr & Associates gladly volunteers its time to help the International Women’s Club of Kyiv achieve its goal of providing help to those who need it most. By being involved in this good cause, the staff of Romyr & Associates feels pride in its contribution to the International Women’s Club of Kyiv annual initiative to raises funds for poverty-stricken women and children, the sick and invalids. In 2007 the Charity Fair raised the unprecedented sum of 175,000 US dollars.